ROKAcet R26 - PEG-26 Castor Oil - 61791-12-6

ROKAcet R26 - PEG-26 Castor Oil - 61791-12-6
About product
  • biodegradable product, compliant with the biodegradability criteria set out in Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004 on detergents,
  • product not classified according to the CLP regulation,
  • well soluble in water,
  • product soluble in most organic solvents.

ROKAcet R26 - PEG-26 Castor Oil - 61791-12-6 is used primarily in cutting fluids based on soluble oils, semi-synthetic coolants, as well as neat oils. It can be a component of flame-retardant HFA type hydraulic fluids used e.g. in the mining industry.

Due to its emulsifying properties, the product is widely used in liquid pesticide formulations such as EC, SC, EW and ME.

ROKAcet R26 - PEG-26 Castor Oil also has low foaming properties, good resistance to acidic environments and moderate resistance to alkaline environments. The product can be used as a softening agent in the textile, leather and paper industries.

Application of PEG-26 Castor Oil :

  • a component of the formulation of machining coolants used in machining processes,
  • plant protection products,
  • textile, leather and paper industry,
  • emulsifier in formulations for car chemistry.
Alternative names:
  • castor oil, ethoxylated,
  • PEG-26 Castor Oil,
  • polyoxyethylene castor oil,
  • castor oil ethoxylate,
  • Castor oil, ethylene glycol polymer,
  • Castor oil, ethylene oxide reaction product,
  • Castor oil, polyethoxylated,
  • CAS 61791-12-6.
Chemical name Castor oil, ethoxylated
CAS number 61791-12-6
INCI PEG-26 Castor Oil