Rokopol G700

Rokopol G700
About product

Rokopol® G700 is a polyether polyol (polyoxyalkylene triol) based on glycerine in the form of a homogeneous, clear liquid. The product contains antioxidants (excluding BHT) and is low in sodium and potassium. The product has a hydroxyl number in the range of 225-250 mgKOH/g and has a dynamic viscosity of 220-270 mPas at 25°C.

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Rokopol® G700 is used as a base material for the production of one-component foams (OCF), assembly foams and foam adhesives. As an additive in the formulation of one-component foam, it will increase the stiffness of the foam and slightly increase the viscosity of the prepolymer. With the use of Rokopol® G700 and other polyether polyols and appropriately selected additives (catalysts, silicones, foaming agents), it is possible to produce one-component foam with very good properties. The product is also used in the production of rigid foams. Thanks to its rich properties, the product is widely used in the construction industry.

Main application advantages of Rokopol® G700:

  • the possibility of producing one-component foams with a density in the range of 10-30 kg/m3 and hardness in the range of 10-45 kPa,
  • the use of the product allows for very good dimensional stability (shrinkage below 5%),
  • very good transport of moisture in the foam and shortening of the foam cutting time to 25 minutes due to the low molecular weight,
  • low content of sodium and potassium allow for a long service life (up to 24 months) and a limited tendency to yellowing, which allows for longer storage.

The most common applications of Rokopol® G700:

  • product intended for the production of foams used at any time of the year,
  • used in the construction industry for the production of mounting foams for windows, doors, culverts, rings,
  • the product is used as a foam adhesive for polystyrene and window sills,
  • polyol used in the production of polyurethane adhesives and sealants.

Products manufactured on the basis of Rokopol® G700 are of very high quality. Thanks to the refined production process, the product is characterized by very good parameters and a wide range of applications.

Chemical name: Glycerin, propoxylated
CAS number: 25791-96-2
Physical state: Liquid
Color: Colorless
Smell: Mild. Characteristic.
pH: Not available
Density: 1.02 g/cm³ [25°C]
Viscosity: Dynamic (room temperature): 250 mPa s