Rokopol RF551

Rokopol RF551
About product

Rokopol RF551 is a general purpose sorbitol polyether polyol, used for the production of rigid and semi-rigid polyurethane (PUR) foam in reaction with isocyanate. The product is in the form of a colorless to yellow liquid, containing antioxidants without BHT. It maintains a low viscosity (about 3000-5000 mPas) with a relatively high functionality f=4.5 and a high hydroxyl value of about 440 mgKOH/g.

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The unique structure of Rokopol RF551 and the physical and chemical parameters desired in PUR systems determine its use in a wide range of polyurethane rigid foam applications. Rokopol RF551 is used in combination with other polyols and additives to modify the properties of the PUR system, in particular viscosity, reactivity, gelation, degree of cross-linking and properties of the final rigid foam, such as adhesion to various surfaces, flame retardancy, hardness, abrasion, closed cell content (insulation). The product is widely used in the construction industry.

Main application advantages of Rokopol® RF551:

  • the product ensures long gel times of PUR foam systems;
  • very good mechanical properties and high foam growth values;
  • the product is easy to combine with other polyols in order to modify the properties of the PUR system;
  • very good resistance to temperature differences - from very high up to about -35°C;

The most common applications of Rokopol® RF551:

  • closed-cell foam for thermal and cooling insulation;
  • foam used to insulate pipelines, wires and cables;
  • sprayed thermal and acoustic insulation;
  • component of sandwich panels and insulation boards;

Products manufactured on the basis of Rokopol® RF551 are characterized by excellent quality. Thanks to the refined production process, this polyol is characterized by very good parameters not only in PUR systems.

Properties and applications:

  • very high quality of the final product due to the physicochemical properties of the polyol;
  • used in closed-cell foams used for insulation, mainly in the construction industry;
  • used as a component for the production of sandwich panels and insulation boards;
  • has very good mechanical and thermal insulation parameters;
  • the product ensures long gel times of PUR foam systems;
  • works very well both at high (up to about 120°C) and low temperatures (up to -35°C);
Chemical name: Sorbitol, ethoxylated and propoxylated
CAS number: 56449-05-9
Physical state: Liquid
Colour: Colorless or light yellow
Smell: Mild. Characteristic.
pH: Not available
Density: 1.09 g/cm³ [25°C]
Viscosity: Dynamic (room temperature): 4000 mPa s