Rokopol V700

Rokopol V700
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Rokopol® V700 is a polyether polyol, polyoxyalkylene triol based on glycerine. The product is in the form of a homogeneous, clear liquid. The product contains antioxidants (excluding BHT) and is characterized by high purity and low emissions. The product has a hydroxyl number in the range of 225-250 mgKOH/g, and its dynamic viscosity is in the range of 220-270 mPas at 25°C.

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Rokopol® V700 can be used for the production of viscoelastic polyurethane foams using the continuous system (slabstock) and batch production. With the use of Rokopol® V700, reactive polyols and properly selected additives (catalysts, silicones, foaming agents), it is possible to produce blocks of viscoelastic foam with a rectangular cross-section and a height of up to 70 cm. Thanks to its excellent parameters, the product can be widely used in the furniture industry for the production of mattresses and upholstered furniture as a comfortable material.

Main application advantages of Rokopol® V700:

  • the possibility of producing foams with densities from 40 to 80 kg/m3, hardness ranges from 1-3 kPa and flexibility up to 55%,
  • the use of the product allows the production of foam with a breaking strength above 50 kPa and a relative elongation at break above 60%,
  • foam return time 1-10s.

The most common applications of Rokopol® V700:

  • used for the production of viscoelastic (viscoelastic) polyurethane foams,
  • in the furniture industry used for the production of mattresses and pillows with an increased comfort factor,
  • comes in the form of flexible foams and gel foams.

Products manufactured on the basis of Rokopol® V700 are of very high quality. Thanks to the refined production process, the product is characterized by very good parameters and a wide range of applications.

Properties and applications:

  • high purity and low emission;
  • the possibility of obtaining viscoelastic foams with good parameters of density, flexibility and tear resistance;
  • production of foams characterized by a high comfort factor;
  • a wide range of applications in the furniture industry as a component of foam mattresses and pillows with increased softness;
Chemical name: Glycerin, propoxylated
CAS number: 25791-96-2
Physical state: Liquid
Color: Colorless
Smell: Mild. Characteristic.
pH: Not available
Density: 1.02 g/cm³ [25°C]
Viscosity: Dynamic (room temperature): 250 mPa s
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CAS Number
Chemical name
Glycerine based polyoxyalkylene triol