Magnesium chloride

Magnesium chloride
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Magnesium chloride 25 kg technical, inorganic magnesium salt, used as road salt in the autumn and winter due to its strong exothermic properties when absorbing moisture. It is a real alternative to table salt and calcium chloride. Similarly to the latter used on roads, it does not degrade the natural environment, does not cause erosion of surfaces and vehicles. It is used in the pharmaceutical industry for the production of creams, lotions, body oils, hair conditioners and many other cosmetics.

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The primary purpose of magnesium chloride is the chemical industry that uses this substance in chemical syntheses, but also the pharmaceutical and pharmacological industries. Numerous creams, conditioners and balms are produced on the basis of magnesium chloride.

In autumn and winter, it is an alternative to sodium chloride and calcium chloride for road maintenance. Absorbing moisture, it generates a relatively large amount of heat, so it actively defrosts icy surfaces. Used on the road in an amount of almost one to ten in relation to traditional road salt. The recommended amount of sodium chloride - traditional road salt - is about 18.3 kg per 100 m2, thus we need about 0.183 kg to de-ice 1 m2. Meanwhile, magnesium chloride is dosed in amounts of approx. 2.5 kg per 100 m2, i.e. approx. 0.025 kg per m2. It works even down to minus fifty degrees Celsius. In reality, however, its use already at minus twenty degrees Celsius requires time to initiate the reaction. Heat is released when water is absorbed. When the humidity is lowered by the temperature, it warms up very slowly right after application, when there is enough heat, moisture will appear, which will fuel the reaction. Reaching the critical point, when the reaction begins to bring real effects at temperatures below minus twenty degrees, may take up to several hours. Magnesium chloride does not degrade the natural environment, is not harmful to humans and animals. It does not corrode vehicles and does not settle on shoes. It does not affect the road surface.

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  • Magnesium chloride most often occurs in the form of colorless odorless flakes or crystals.
  • It can dissolve up to 2430 g in one liter of water.
  • The bulk density is 800-900 kg/m3
  • It is a completely non-flammable substance.
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