Natural sorbent Polsorb G100

Natural sorbent Polsorb G100
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Natural sorbent 20 kg - Polsorb G100 fine-grained (0.01-1mm) natural substance used to absorb petroleum products from roads, soils and floors. Polsorb G100 is most often used by road services and petrol stations to clean and neutralize leaks of such substances as: oils, lubricants, fuels and other harmful substances.

Natural loose, fine-grained sorbent is formed during the process of crushing mineral rock material and then subjecting it to thermal treatment. Thanks to the use of thermal treatment, it increases its absorptive surface from 30% to even 300%.

The natural sorbent Polsorb G100 has been tested by the Scientific and Research Center for Fire Protection. Józef Tuliszkowski and obtained the certificate of the Polish Research Institute.

Waste handling:

Collect residues in waste containers. Dispose of in accordance with applicable regulations. In the waste catalog according to the Regulation of the Minister of the Environment of September 27, 2001 on the waste catalog (Journal of Laws No. 112 of 2001, item 1206) it is in the group with the code 15 01 01 (cardboard and paper packaging). Empty packaging should be disposed of in accordance with applicable regulations or recycled.

The physical and chemical properties of the sorbent depend on its color. The following colors are available on the market: grey, yellow, white and blue. Polsorb G100 sorbent is a fine-grained light gray powder used to absorb water, mineral oils, cooling and hydraulic fluids, petroleum products, fats and thinners. After applying the Polsorb G100 sorbent to a contaminated surface, the product absorbs the spilled substance and leaves a clean, safe and dry surface. Polsorb G100 sorbent is a non-flammable agent, it can also be used as an agent to extinguish small fires.

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