Rokopol M5000

Rokopol M5000
About product

Rokopol® M5000 is a polyether polyol produced in the KOH technology. The product is in the form of a homogeneous, clear liquid. The product contains antioxidants (excluding BHT) and is characterized by high purity and low emissions. The product has a hydroxyl number in the range of 35-37 mgKOH/g and has a dynamic viscosity of 700-900 mPas at 25°C.

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Rokopol® M5000 can be used for the production of highly flexible polyurethane foams using the continuous (slabstock) or batch production system, as well as for the production of molded foams. With the use of Rokopol® M5000, reactive polymeric polyols and appropriately selected additives (catalysts, silicones, foaming agents), it is possible to produce blocks of highly elastic foam with a rectangular cross-section and a height of up to 100 cm. Thanks to its excellent parameters, the product can be widely used in the furniture industry for the production of mattresses and upholstered furniture as a comfortable material.

Main application advantages of Rokopol® M5000:

  • the ability to produce foams with densities from 25 to 80 kg/m3, hardness ranges from 2-5kPa and flexibility up to 55%,
  • the use of the product allows the production of foam with a breaking strength above 60 kPa and a relative elongation at break of up to 80%,
  • the possibility of using the polyol with reactive polymeric polyols in order to, among others, increasing the hardness of the foam, reducing the trapezoidal effect of the blocks and increasing the height of the blocks,
  • high comfort factor above 2.6.

The most common applications of Rokopol® M5000:

  • used for the production of flexible foams and HR (High Resilience) foams,
  • polyol used in the furniture industry for the production of mattresses and pillows,
  • product used in the construction industry as an element for the production of sound insulation,
  • a product used in the automotive industry as an element of cockpits, headliners, body panels, seats and headrests.

Products manufactured on the basis of Rokopol® M5000 are of very high quality. Thanks to the refined production process, the product is characterized by very good parameters and a wide range of applications.

Properties and applications:

  • high purity and low emission;
  • the possibility of obtaining flexible foams with exceptionally good parameters of density, flexibility and tear resistance;
  • production of highly resilient foams - HR;
  • compatibility with reactive polymeric polyols allows for the extension of application possibilities;
  • application of the product in the following industries: furniture, automotive, sound insulation;
Chemical name: Ethoxylated and propoxylated glycerin
CAS number: 9082-00-2
Physical state: Liquid
Color: Colorless
Smell: Mild. Characteristic.
pH: Not available
Density: 1.02 g/cm³ [25°C]
Viscosity: Dynamic (room temperature): 800 mPa s