Superplastyfikator BG40 FF

Superplastyfikator BG40 FF
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The Superplastyfikator BG40 FF is mainly used in the construction industry as an admixture that fluidizes and plasticizes concrete mix and cement mortar. Using Superplastyfikator BG40 FF, it is possible to produce concrete resistant to aggressive substances and frost, as well as abrasion-resistant concrete with increased strength. It is also used in the production of drywall.

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Superplastyfikator BG40 FF is a 40% water solution of naphthalenesulfonic acid (NSF) sodium formaldehyde polycondensate with a very low concentration of free sulfates and chlorides, and its great advantage is a very low concentration of free formaldehyde (maximum 50 ppm). It is highly effective as a concrete mix plasticizer, improving its workability while maintaining a constant water to cement ratio and at the same time not impairing the compressive strength of hardened concrete. This saves labor costs when pumping out the mix. However, the main component affecting the price of concrete is cement, the amount of which in the recipe can be reduced by using Superplasticizer BG40 FF . This admixture allows you to reduce the amount of mixing water used by up to 25%, while reducing cement consumption (while maintaining a constant water-cement ratio). It shows a similar property when mixed with gypsum during the production of drywall. It reduces the amount of water used in the production of boards without impairing the fluidity of the gypsum mix and the setting time and adhesion of the gypsum layer to paper, while reducing costs by shortening the drying time of the boards. Another important aspect in the production of concrete is the preservation of the workability of the concrete mix over time. Thanks to the properties that delay cement setting, which are the characteristics of the superplasticizer, it is possible to extend the workability, and therefore also to transport the concrete mix over longer distances, even in the summer. The essence of a concrete structure is its durability and strength, which are improved when we use an admixture. The research shows that hardened concrete with the admixture of Superplasticizer BG40 FF has a compressive strength up to 30% higher compared to concrete without the admixture. Thanks to the very low concentration of chlorides, the product does not contribute to the corrosion of steel reinforcements in concrete structures. In addition, it allows you to make a concrete mix at an air temperature of up to -5°C without inhibiting cement hydration.
The use of Superplasticizer BG40 FF allows to produce cheap and environmentally friendly concrete, which is also characterized by very good strength and rheological properties. It is mainly recommended for the production of ready-mix concrete, prefabricated elements, cement mortars and gypsum products, e.g. drywall.

Chemical name: Naphthalenesulfonic acid sodium formaldehyde polymer
CAS number: 9084-06-4
EC Number: Polymer
Physical state: Liquid.
Colour: Brown. [Dark]
Smell: Characteristic. [Mild]
pH: 7.5 to 10.5 [Conc. (%w/w): 5%]
Density: 1.19 to 1.205 g/cm3 [20°C]
Solubility: Soluble in the following materials: cold water, hot water and methanol.

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CAS Number
Chemical name
Naphthalenesulfonic acid, polymer with formaldehyde, sodium salt (aqueous solution)