Sodium cyclamate E952

Sodium cyclamate E952
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Sodium cyclamate E952 - sodium salt of cyclamic acid used as a sweetener. This sweetener is obtained artificially. Sodium ceclamate is used in the food industry for the production of confectionery. It is 30-50 times sweeter than sugar (sucrose).

It is recommended for the production of:

  • confectionery
  • products without added sugar for diabetics
  • desserts
  • fruit preserves
  • flavored non-alcoholic drinks
  • non-alcoholic beer
Sodium cyclamate E952 - it is a synthetic sweetener from the group of cyclamates. It is used as a sweetener due to its good sweetening properties. It is 30-50 times sweeter than sucrose. It is used in the production of sweetened fruit preserves: chewing gums, ice cream, drinks. Sodium cyclamate is a food additive with the symbol E952. It is also a component of dietary supplements. It can be used for the production of food products for diabetics. It is used in the production of desserts, marmalades and jellies. This sweetener is odorless and very soluble in water. It is used to prepare sweetening mixtures with sucrose. Sodium cyclamate is stable when heated.
Additional features:
Name: Sodium cyclamate
CAS: - 139-05-9
Appearance: white crystalline powder
pH 5.5 - 7.5
Main ingredient content: > 98.5%
Formula: C 6 H 7 O 6 Na
Ling weight: 201.22 g/mol
Heavy metals: ≤ 10 mg/kg
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