Road salt - sodium chloride

Road salt - sodium chloride
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Road salt - sodium chloride 25 kg Rock salt is the most popular method of fighting icy paths, pavements, squares and roadways. It is packed in bags of 25 kg. Our salt is mined in Polish mines, it contains an anti-caking agent, i.e. technical potassium ferrocyanide. We invite you to place orders.

Note : In the winter, the delivery time is 3-5 working days


Road salt is used in the winter to fight snowy and icy roads. The main component of road salt is sodium chloride (NaCl) with a minimum content of 95%. It is not a dangerous substance. Road salt can be used to remove ice and snow, or preventively to protect the area from icing and accumulation of more snow. If you care about having a perfectly maintained property during long winter days. Buy our road salt. It is perfect for maintaining the patency of: pavements, communication routes, roads, parking lots, squares. Our road salt with anti-caking agent perfectly copes with ice up to - 5 degrees. Remember to keep the surroundings of your property clear of snow and ice. Keeping the property cleared of snow and ice in winter ensures the safety of property users. Not caring about de-icing and snow removal of the property increases the likelihood of suffering various injuries, fractures or sprains. Keep safe. Buy our road salt.


Road salt is already prepared for use. The normal consumption of road salt should be approx. 18.3 kg per 100 m2, thus we need approx. 0.183 kg to de-ice 1 m2. However, with a greater amount of snowfall, its consumption can be as much as 0.250 kg/m 2 .

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