Fertilizer granular urea 46%

Fertilizer granular urea 46%
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Granular fertilizer urea 46% 25 kg - basic nitrogen fertilizer with a wide range of applications, practically used for all crops, both pre-sowing and top dressing. It is suitable for use as a soil and foliar fertilizer. It is characterized by high nitrogen bioretention; low nitrate potential and a long period of availability in the soil for plants.

Granular fertilizer urea is a basic nitrogen fertilizer. Used for extra-root feeding in the form of foliar spraying with a water solution. Select the dose and concentration of the solution to the species and development phase of the fed plants. Root feeding with urea is also possible, but due to the need to undergo enzymatic hydrolysis from the amide form to the ammonium form, which is available to plants, and then to the nitrate form, the absorption process is much longer and slower than with foliar application. The scope of application of urea as a soil fertilizer is very wide and covers practically all crops. It can be used both before sowing and top dressing. The effectiveness of using urea as a source of nitrogen on very acidic, strongly alkaline soils or just after liming may be much lower than on comparable areas with neutral pH soils. Urea as a nitrogen fertilizer is particularly recommended in fruit and vegetable crops due to its low nitrate potential. Urea remains in the soil for a long time in the form of ammonium, which is available to plants. As a result of its use, we do not observe excessive accumulation of harmful nitrates in the soil and plants. Also, groundwater is not polluted with these dangerous compounds as a result of the use of urea. Another advantage of this nitrogen fertilizer is supporting the uptake of phosphorus from the soil and limiting the excessive uptake of potassium. Providing nitrogen in this form causes lush rooting and faster plant development compared to other forms of application of this element from the post-emergence period. The application of urea in the soil form increases the resistance of plants and increases the yield and their biological value.

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