Rocrete S Superplastyfikator

Rocrete S Superplastyfikator
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Superplastyfikator Rocrete S - is a water solution of sodium salts of formaldehyde polycondensates of naphthalenesulfonic acids (NSF), i.e. the second generation of fluidizers/plasticizers. Rocrete S is a 40% water solution with a low concentration of free sulphates and chlorides, which allows it to be used as an admixture for concrete and drywall. It is characterized by very good miscibility with other plasticizers, e.g. lignosulfonates or melamine-formaldehyde condensates.

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Rocrete S , in accordance with the PN-EN 934-2 standard, is defined as a fluidizing/plasticizing admixture, i.e. allowing to reduce the content of added mixing water in the concrete mix without affecting its consistency (reducing the water/cement ratio) or increasing the liquidity of the mix without changing the amount mixing water (maintaining a constant water-cement ratio).
The concrete obtained in this way has late strengths increased by up to 30% (compared to concrete produced without Rocrete S) and is more airtight. The tightness of concrete translates into increased resistance to aggressive substances and frost, abrasion resistance and improved adhesion of the new concrete layer to the old one. Early strengths also increase, so demoulding of concrete elements can be faster.
By maintaining a constant water/cement ratio and using a small addition of Rocrete S , the amount of cement used in the concrete mix can be reduced. The fluidity of the concrete mix is ​​preserved, and in addition to economic benefits in the form of lower production costs, the amount of heat released during hydration is also reduced, limiting shrinkage during the setting of concrete.
The product is characterized by a low concentration of chlorides, so it does not contribute to the corrosion of steel reinforcements in concrete structures. Rocrete S does not introduce large amounts of air into the concrete mix, which can potentially lead to a deterioration of frost resistance, and also allows for the preparation of a concrete mix at an air temperature of up to -5°C without inhibiting cement hydration.
The use of even small amounts of Rocrete S (dosing from 0.5% to 3% per cement mass) allows for the production of cheap and environmentally friendly concrete, which at the same time is characterized by very good strength and rheological properties (mixture liquefaction). It is mainly recommended for the production of ready-mix concrete, prefabricated elements and cement mortars.

Properties and applications:
• allows to reduce the amount of mixing water (even by 25%) without compromising the consistency of the concrete mix;
• increases the compressive strength of concrete (up to 30%);
• extends the setting time of concrete, maintaining consistency;
• allows for less cement consumption, which reduces costs (while maintaining a constant water/cement ratio);
• not sensitive to overdosing, easy and convenient use;
• low dosage of 0.5 to 3% by mass of cement;
• can be used at temperatures down to -5°C without inhibiting cement hydration;
• does not corrode reinforcing steel (low content of chlorides);
• practically does not introduce air into the concrete mix;

Chemical name: Naphthalenesulfonic acid sodium formaldehyde polymer
CAS number: 9084-06-4
EC Number: Polymer
Physical state: Liquid.
Colour: Brown. [Dark]
Smell: Characteristic. [Mild]
pH: 7.5 to 9.5 [Conc. (%w/w): 5%]
Density: 1.19 to 1.21 g/cm3 [20°C]
Solubility(ies): Soluble in the following materials: cold water, hot water

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Sodium salt, polynaphthalene sulfonate