Flame retardant Roflam F5

Flame retardant Roflam F5
About product

The Roflam F5 flame retardant is an additive to plastics based on phosphate esters that effectively reduces the burning process. It is an excellent solution for various types of polyurethane materials used in the construction, furniture and transport industries. Our product is an innovative halogen-free flame retardant that has a synergistic effect with other combustion inhibitors. The offer also includes Roflam F6 flame retardant with a higher dynamic viscosity. Non-returnable packaging is included in the price.

Product made to order, delivery time 14 days, and if the product is unavailable up to 30 days from the date of order confirmation.

Roflam F5 flame retardant is a chemical compound called phenyl-isopropyl phenyl phosphate successfully used in epoxy resins, unsaturated polyester resins and vinyl ester resins, which are used in applications requiring high fire resistance. Roflam F5 has an excellent synergistic effect with other flame retardants, e.g. with melamine, inorganic fillers. It is a highly specialized additive for plastics used in industries such as: CASE, construction, furniture, transport, refrigeration and household appliances. One of the most important applications of Roflam F5 is the application for intumescent, fire-resistant paints that form a protective barrier. This type of coating is used to protect steel structures in construction and shipbuilding (e.g. fire-resistant paints are used to cover the structures of skyscrapers and airports, ship hulls, fire-resistant doors).

Roflam F5 flame retardant is used in industries such as:
• CASE (Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, Elastomers) - coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers
• construction - assembly foams, seals, spray insulation, sandwich panels, fire retardant paints
• furniture industry - mattresses, pillows, seats, upholstered furniture
• transport - elements of seats in vehicles, soundproofing elements, structures of refrigerated cars
• refrigeration industry and household appliances - elements of industrial cold stores, refrigerators.

The current legal regulations regarding fire safety imply the use of materials that meet rigorous flammability tests. Most plastics are flammable materials, therefore it is necessary to increase their fire resistance by introducing flame retardant additives. Flame retardants, also known as flame retardants, increase the fire resistance of the material, inhibit the burning process, reduce the rate of fire spread, and prevent the burning material from dripping. Thanks to them, the susceptibility of the material to ignition is reduced, which translates into an increase in the level of fire safety. The use of flame retardants also reduces the burning process, which in turn allows you to extend the rescue operation.

Chemical name : Phenyl isopropyl phenyl phosphate
CAS number: 68937-41-7
EC number: 273-066-3
Physical state: Liquid.
Colour: Colorless or light yellow.
Smell: Odorless
Density: 1.15 to 1.25 g/cm3 [25°C]
Partition coefficient n-octanol/water: 4.92 to 5.17
Viscosity: Dynamic (room temperature): 48 to 67 mPa.s
Initial boiling point: >400°C

Hazard statements:

H361fd (Fertility and Unborn child) (oral) - Suspected of damaging fertility if swallowed. Suspected of damaging the fetus if swallowed.
H373 (adrenals, liver, ovaries and testes) (oral) - May cause damage to organs if prolonged or repeated ingestion.
H411 ​​- Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

Precautionary statements:

P202 Do not handle until all safety precautions have been read and understood.
P260 Do not breathe dust/fume/gas/mist/vapours/spray.
P273 Avoid release to the environment.
P281 Use personal protective equipment as required.
P308+P313 IF exposed or concerned: Get medical advice/attention.
P403 Store in a well-ventilated place.