L-Threonine 98.5% feed

L-Threonine 98.5% feed
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L-Threonine 98.5% fodder - is an exogenous protein amino acid that is involved in protein biosynthesis. Threonine is used as a feed additive. It significantly increases the efficiency of meat production due to its participation in many metabolic processes of animal organisms. Threonine is the third amino acid limiting the weight gain of chickens and the second for pigs. Its content in the feed of farm animals improves the development of the gastrointestinal tract of chickens, turkeys and piglets. Appropriate adjustment of the dose of L-threonine in compound feed for animals ensures proper development and weight gain. The efficiency of livestock production increases significantly.


  • Increases the efficiency of meat production
  • Participates in the biosynthesis of new muscle proteins
  • It improves the health of the digestive and immune systems in farm animals
  • Participates in the production of proteins, collagen and elastin
  • It takes part in metabolic processes
  • It regulates metabolism and is involved in the metabolism of fats


  • It is a component of feed mixtures in poultry farming
  • A component of feed premixes in pig farming
  • Component of feed for laying hens
  • Complementary feed for fattening pigs
  • A component of regenerating nutrients for horses after injuries and training effort

L-Threonine 98.5% fodder - belongs to the group of amino acids that the body cannot produce on its own. The body obtains L-threonine from dietary components. It supports the functioning of the immune system and the functioning of the nervous system. Assimilated L-Threonine is absorbed mainly through the digestive system. About 40-50% of the ingested threonine is absorbed through the intestines of livestock. Supplementing the diet with mixtures containing L-Threonine supports the work of the heart and liver. A large share of L-Threonine in the process of synthesis of new muscle proteins was found. Therefore, it is a very important component of feed for chickens, turkeys and piglets. Threonine is involved in maintaining the proper health of the intestinal walls. This contributes to the proper functioning of the digestive system of animals. Threonine supplied in grain food, e.g. for chickens, is insufficient to ensure full coverage of demand, therefore it is supplemented in the feed. The use of L-threonine in the feed allows you to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of feeding. Threonine is involved in important immunological processes and is responsible for protein deposition. By using additional amino acids in the feed, such as L-threonine, the share of total protein in the feed can be reduced. Nitrogen emissions to the environment are reduced. Adding an amino acid to the feed in pig farming makes it possible to reduce the increase in body fat. Therefore, there is an effective increase in meat mass. The amount of added L-threonine in feed premixes depends on the species and age of the livestock. This is determined by the relevant nutritional standards. The digestibility of L-threonine is 100%, which promotes the full use of this amino acid in the transformation processes in the animal body.

Name: L-Threonine
CAS: 72-19-5
Appearance: white crystalline powder
Main ingredient content: > 98.5%
Formula : C4H9NO3 _
Molar mass: 119.12 g/mol
Heavy metals: ≤ 15ppm

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