Isoascorbic acid E315

Isoascorbic acid E315
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Isoascorbic acid E315 - it is a synthetically obtained variety of L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C). It is used as an antioxidant and color stabilizer in the meat and fish industries. It is a food additive with the number E315. It is also used in the curing process of meat and delicatessen products. In the production of juices, wine is used to maintain their clarity during storage.

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Isoascorbic acid E315 - a synthetic variety of vitamin C also known as erythorbic acid. It is used in the fruit and vegetable industry as protection against enzymatic browning of processed fruits and vegetables in the production of juices. It is used to preserve the natural color of meat and meat products. Thanks to the addition of isoascorbic acid, the curing process of meat products is faster. Thanks to this, the addition of nitrite is smaller. In food processing, it is used to enhance the durability of fats in cereal products. Perpetuates the aroma in drinks, canned food and frozen foods. It is used as an antioxidant in fish preserves and fillings. It is used as an agent to reduce the corrosion of metal packaging.

Appearance: white or slightly yellow powder (darkens when exposed to light)

Main ingredient content: 100%

Formula : C6H8O6 _

Ling weight : 176.13 g/mol

Heavy metals: max. 10ppm

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