L-lysine sulphate fodder big bag

L-lysine sulphate fodder big bag
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L-lysine sulphate feed - feed additive used mainly in feeding cattle, poultry and fish. Lysine sulphate is a component of balanced food rations for farm animals. The content of lysine sulphate is not less than 55%. L-lysine sulfate is distinguished by high metabolic energy.


  • Strengthens and increases the nutritional properties of fodder
  • Increasing the rate of increase in animal meat mass
  • Increasing the protein content
  • Strengthening immunity


  • Feed premixes for cattle, poultry and fish
  • Dog food
  • Feed mixtures for pigeons
  • Animal vitamins
  • Horse Supplements
L-lysine sulfate is a feed additive that enriches and balances the composition of compound feed for livestock, poultry, fish and cattle. Lysine sulphate added to feed increases the nutritional properties of feed. The addition of lysine sulphate significantly increases the rate of meat mass gain in animals and enhances the metabolism of protein from the feed. L-lysine sulphate increases the protein content and strengthens the immunity of farm animals. The addition of L-lysine sulphate improves the process of digestion and assimilation of feed ingredients by animals. L-lysine sulphate is present in dietary supplements for horses and in compound feed for pigeons.
Name: L-lysine sulfate
CAS : 60343-69-3
External appearance: light brown/light yellow granules
Main ingredient content: ≥ 55.0%
Formula: (C 6 H 14 N 2 O 2 ) 2 * H 2 SO 4
Molar mass: 390.4 g/mol
Heavy metals: ≤ 30ppm
pH: 3.5-6.5 (1% solution)
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