Tablet salt, sodium chloride

Tablet salt, sodium chloride
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Tableted salt 25 kg sodium chloride in the form of round white capsules with a cylindrical surface. Salt tablets are used for water softening processes, thanks to which the service life and time of trouble-free operation in household devices such as washing machines, dishwashers and water batteries are increased.

ATTENTION: we offer the product only from Polish, reputable producers, i.e. Ciech and Orlen (Solino).

Salt tablets, sodium chloride (NaCl), thanks to their water-softening properties, positively affect the life and durability of household appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines. The process of water softening itself is a process consisting in complete or at least partial removal from the so-called water. hard water of calcium cations (Ca 2+ ), magnesium cations (Mg 2+ ), iron (II) (Fe 2+ ) and manganese (II) (Mn 2+ ) cations. The value of the water hardness factor affects the surface tension. The higher it is, the more detergents you need to use to clean clothes or wash dishes. Using without proper protection can cause scaling, which affects the durability of the devices we use. Hard water can also damage sink faucets and kettles, which lose their properties due to limescale. The use of salt tablets is an economically more advantageous solution that will allow us to save a certain amount of money. It is a Polish product of the highest quality. Salt tablets comply with the standards in force in Poland (PN-86/C-84081/02). Thanks to its dimensions (diameter 25mm, thickness 17mm, weight 14-15g) it can be used in modern and older devices.

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