POLIkol 400 - PEG-8 - 25322-68-3

POLIkol 400 - PEG-8 - 25322-68-3
About product
  • a chemical compound from the group of polyoxyethylene glycols,
  • the ability to dissolve active substances in formulations,
  • excellent softening, moisturizing, solubilizing, lubricating and antistatic properties,
  • a wide range of applications,
  • acts as a rheology modifier,
  • biodegradable product,
  • available in Kosher and Kosher Passover options,
  • product manufactured on production installations covered by the GMP EFfCI system.

POLIkol 400 (INCI PEG-8) is a substance from the group of polyoxyethylene glycols, the average molecular weight of which is 400. PEG-8 is in the form of a colorless liquid with good water solubility. It is characterized by an excellent ability to dissolve active substances in formulations. Very good softening, moisturizing, solubilizing, lubricating and antistatic properties determine a wide range of POLIkol 400 applications in various industrial branches.

As a component of POLIkol 400 cosmetics, it is most often used as a solubilizing agent and a humentant that binds water. The product is also used as a viscosity modifier of active substances in mixtures. Its electrostatic properties mean that it is also used in formulations dedicated to industrial cleaning and metalworking. PEG-8 is also perfect in dye baths as a means of leveling the color of fabrics.

In addition, POLIkol 400 has a positive opinion of the FDA (Food and Drug Agency). Therefore, it is used in the food industry as an indirect food additive (CFR 21 lists: 175.105, 175.210, 176.180, 176.200). It is extremely important that food manufacturers use the product in accordance with the FDA definitions and guidelines.

The agrochemical industry usually uses very good hygroscopic properties of POLIkol 400. Here, the product is used as an additive to artificial fertilizers.

POLIkol 400 is also a frequently used raw material for the production of esters in the chemical industry. The construction industry, on the other hand, uses the properties of the product in the processes of hardening cement mortars and concretes. In this application, PEG-8 enables more effective bonding of materials and increases the mechanical strength of cured concrete. The product is also a popular addition to self-hardening concrete.

Advantages of POLIkol 400 - PEG-8 - 25322-68-3 :

  • very high efficiency,
  • universal product with many functions in industrial formulations,
  • very good solvent of active substances,
  • strong hygroscopic properties,
  • very good solubility in water,
  • approved for contact with food by the FDA,
  • product not classified according to the CLP/GHS Regulation,


  • additives and admixtures for concretes and cement mortars,
  • self-hardening concretes,
  • additive to dye baths in the textile industry,
  • metalworking,
  • industrial cleaning detergents,
  • cosmetic ingredient,
  • chemical fertilizers,
  • additives for the food industry (packaging),
  • chemical industry - raw material for the synthesis of esters.
Chemical name Polyoxyethylene glycol, Polyethylene glycol
CAS number 25322-68-3
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CAS Number
Chemical name
Polyoxyethylene glycol, Polyethylene glycol
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