POLIkol 4500 - PEG-100 - 25322-68-3 barrel 200 kg

POLIkol 4500 - PEG-100 - 25322-68-3 barrel 200 kg
About product
  • very good plasticizer and release agent,
  • has softening, lubricating and moisturizing properties,
  • binder, binder in detergents,
  • safe, non-toxic substance, does not cause skin irritation,
  • is not hygroscopic,
  • unlimited solubility in water,
  • biodegradable.

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POLIkol 4500 - PEG-100 - 25322-68-3 is a safe, non-toxic product and does not cause skin irritation, therefore it is used as a water-soluble component of hard cosmetics, such as lipsticks. POLIkol 4500 can be used as a humectant in cosmetic preparations, e.g. in creams, face wash preparations, scrubs, as well as in make-up remover preparations. It can be added to the formulation to improve its rheological properties (increase viscosity). The product can also be used as a carrier of active substances and a binder in dishwasher bars, washing tablets and bath salts.

In industrial applications, it is a component of lubricants, mainly water-soluble synthetic fluids for machining and heat transfer fluids. The product is used as a release agent in the rubber, plastics and elastomers processing industry. It is also an auxiliary agent in textile processing.

POLIkol 4500 acts as a plasticizer and binder in the production of ceramics and food packaging based on biopolymers. It has positive opinions of international organizations, such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which allows the use of polyethylene glycol in the form of an indirect food additive based on the CFR 21 list:

  • 175.105;
  • 175.180;
  • 176,200;
  • 176.210.

Please note that the product can be used in accordance with the definitions provided by the organization, not exceeding the maximum permitted dose.

POLIkol 4500 is also used as an anti-adhesive agent in the rubber processing industry (production of tyres), plastics and elastomers. In the production of tires, the product acts as an activator of zinc white in the vulcanization process. POLIKol 1500 also exhibits the characteristics of a drying preventer in flexographic ink formulations.

The product is not classified according to the CLP/GHS regulation.

Application of POLIkol 4500 - PEG-100 - 25322-68-3 :

  • face wash preparations, creams, scrubs, make-up removers, hard cosmetics,
  • production of packaging,
  • detergents in the form of cubes,
  • metalworking,
  • construction industry,
  • textile industry,
  • processing of plastics and elastomers,
  • tire production (zinc white activator),
  • production of ceramics and concrete,
  • additive for flexographic inks
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Polyoxyethylene glycol, Polyethylene glycol