Rokacet R36PF, Pharmaceutical grade ethoxylated castor oil (Ph. Eur.); Macrogolglycerol ricinoleate, IBC 1000 kg

Rokacet R36PF, Pharmaceutical grade ethoxylated castor oil (Ph. Eur.); Macrogolglycerol ricinoleate, IBC 1000 kg
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Rokacet R36 PF pharmaceutical quality IBC 1000 kg is ethoxylated castor oil. The commercial product contains 99% of the active substance in the form of a clear viscous liquid or light yellow stripes. This product complies with the stringent requirements of the current version of the European Pharmacopoeia defined in the monograph for Macrogol Glycerol Ricinoleate.

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Rokacet R36 PF is also an equivalent of the product described in the American pharmacopoeia USP under the name Polyoxyl 35 Castor Oil.
The production of ROKAcet R36PF includes an additional process of removing undesirable impurities and intermediates to guarantee the lowest possible level of heavy metals, ethylene oxide or 1,4-dioxane in accordance with the standards allowed by the manufacturers of final medicinal formulations.

ROKAcet R36 PF belongs to the group of non-ionic surfactants. It has very good emulsifying and solubilizing properties. Emulsifying properties are used to properly disperse the active substance, which improves its bioavailability and thus guarantees the improvement of the stability of the entire formulation. It is used in combination with such active substances as: Miconazole, Hexedatine, Clotrimazole in drugs for oral and parenteral application or in emulsions applied topically to the skin. Emulsifying properties are also used to improve the solubility of other functional ingredients, insoluble in water, such as vitamins A, D, E, K.

The product is a chemical equivalent of ethoxylated castor oil - a substance that has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as an inactive ingredient of a medicinal formulation in the form of capsules, ointments, emulsions or creams.

Rokacet R36PF meets the requirements defined by the European Pharmacopoeia (version 9.0) defined in the Monograph for Macrogolglycerol Ricinoleate

Chemical name:
Castor oil, ethoxylated
Other name: Macrogol Glycerol Ricinoleate, Polyoxyl 35 Castor Oil
CAS No.: 61791-12-6
High product purity.

Properties and applications:

Product advantages:

  • meets the stringent quality requirements set out in the latest edition of the European Pharmacopoeia for Macrogol Glycerol Ricinoleate,
  • is distinguished by a low content of ethylene oxide, 1,4-dioxane and heavy metals,
  • has very good emulsifying properties,
  • chemical equivalent of a substance approved by the FDA as an inactive drug ingredient.


  • ointments,
  • creams,
  • gels,
  • emulsions, capsules,
  • pills.
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CAS Number
PEG-36 Castor Oil
Chemical name
Castor oil, ethoxylated