ROKAnol LP2023 Low-foaming surfactant IBC 950 Kg

ROKAnol LP2023 Low-foaming surfactant IBC 950 Kg
About product

ROKAnol LP2023 belongs to the group of non-ionic surfactants of the alkoxylated fatty alcohol type. The product is a high-molecular polymer based on alcohol of plant origin. It is included in the ROKAnol LP series, forming a large group of products with low-foaming and anti-foaming properties, dedicated to industrial processes.

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The product is in the form of a clear or slightly turbid liquid with a low freezing point, i.e. below -20°C and the active substance content of about 100%. ROKAnol LP2023 is a product insoluble in water and forms a separate phase in it. The cloud point of the product is within 20-23°C for the butyldiglycol solution (16.7%), which makes the product one of the most hydrophobic among ROKAnol LP.

It is used primarily as an anti-foaming agent in industrial processes, in particular in the paper and food industry, e.g. in potato processing or sugar production. Its hydrophobic nature causes the product to migrate to the surface of the liquid. Thanks to its properties, ROKAnol LP2023 reduces the surface tension between the liquid and the air. At the same time, it improves the "drainage" of the foam, resulting in its reduction.

Product advantages:

  • anti-foam properties,
  • low pour point,
  • ease of operation,
  • the possibility of creating emulsions,
  • does not contain silicone.


  • anti-foam agent in the food industry (potato processing, sugar production),
  • food packaging additive,
  • paper industry.
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Chemical name
Polyoxyalkylene glycol fatty alcohol ether
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