Rokryl GA15 Copolymer barrel 130 kg

Rokryl GA15 Copolymer barrel 130 kg
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Rokryl GA15 is an anionic auxiliary used in tanning. It is a synthetic tannin used in the processes of tanning, retanning and filling chrome leather. The product is an aqueous solution of a low molecular weight resin ammonium salt. It has the form of a viscous, clear or slightly turbid liquid with a color from colorless to light straw. It is characterized by complete solubility in water and very good mixing ability with synthetic and vegetable tannins.

Rokryl GA15 shows high reactivity with mineral tannins, e.g. Al 3+ and Cr 3+ . Used even in small amounts in chrome tanning, it greatly improves the fullness of the leather. In the retanning process, Rokryl GA15 fills the loose parts of the leather well, and in combination with chrome retanning, it significantly improves the tightness of the face.

The product improves the depletion of chromium compounds from the tanning bath in chrome tanning and retanning processes. In addition, it can be used in combination with polymer and vegetable tannins, contributing to obtaining finished leathers with the desired properties. Thanks to the use of Rokryl GA15, the resistance of the final product to light is increased. The product has an equalizing effect on dyeing. In addition, in the retanning of fur skins with aluminum tannin, the product increases their tear strength.

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Chemical name
Ammonium and sodium salts of acrylic-maleic copolymer
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