ROKAtend GL Cleaning agent IBC 1000 Kg

ROKAtend GL Cleaning agent IBC 1000 Kg
About product

ROKAtend GL is an anionic surfactant from the group of amino acid surfactants with the INCI name: Sodium Lauroyl Glycinate, used mainly in cosmetic applications. This product is manufactured on the basis of biomimetics, i.e. raw materials imitating naturally occurring chemical compounds and fatty acids - raw materials of plant origin. This surfactant is in the form of an aqueous solution with an active substance content of about 20% and a color from straw to light yellow.

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Amino acid surfactants are the mildest surfactants available on the market. As primary and secondary surfactants, they are gentle on the skin and eyes. A significant number of studies indicate that they are hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. Due to the strong adsorption on protein surfaces, they contribute to the feeling of long-term comfort and softness of the skin. They are a very gentle hair cleanser. They are characterized by low toxicity to human skin cells. They give the hair a feeling of softness and silkiness.

They are characterized by a great foaming effect also in the higher pH range. Stable and dense foam is created even in the presence of sebaceous substances and hard water. The height of the foam and its stability is comparable to the best foaming surfactants, such as SLES and betaines. Amino acid surfactants tolerate high alkalinity of the environment relatively well and can be used as formation aids

Product advantages:

  • anionic surfactant with a very mild effect on the skin and eyes,
  • very good foaming properties,
  • reduces the irritating effect of other surfactants on the skin,
  • has excellent washing properties,
  • contributes to the feeling of long-lasting comfort and softness of the skin,
  • through strong adsorption on the hair surface, reduction of electrostatic charges and bonding, it gives the feeling of softness and silkiness of the hair,
  • is easily biodegradable,
  • based on renewable plant materials,
  • does not contain preservatives.


  • shampoos, especially very mild baby shampoos,
  • body washes,
  • shower gels,
  • bath lotions,
  • delicate liquid soaps,
  • face wash and care products.
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Sodium Lauroyl Glycinate
Chemical name
Reaction product of C8-C12 acid chlorides with glycine and sodium hydroxide
Chemical raw materials and intermediates
Cosmetic raw materials and detergents