Roksol STB Tanning agent barrel 110 Kg

Roksol STB Tanning agent barrel 110 Kg
About product

Roksol STB is an anionic agent used for greasing leather, mainly for chrome tanning. The product is a mixture of anionic emulsifiers and chlorinated organic compounds. It has the form of a viscous brown liquid with a freezing point of -15°C, which means that it does not require special storage and transport conditions. Forms milky O/W emulsions (oil in water) in water. It can be mixed with all anionic and non-ionic fatliquors. What's more, it is also possible to mix it with cationic fatliquors in the preparation of the so-called multi-load compositions.

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The product is soluble in alcohols, hydrocarbons and tetrachlorethylene. It shows moderate resistance to acids, bases and electrolytes. Roksol STB is resistant to oxidation and sunlight.

The product has a slight ability to emulsify raw fats, such as crude cod liver oil, pig oil, spindle oil, etc. The high content of emulsified ingredients in the product does not require the use of raw fat additives in the preparation of oiling mixtures. In special cases, the emulsifying capacity of Roksol STB allows for limited use of raw fat in the oiling mixture.

The commercial product has a relatively low viscosity, facilitating handling in industrial conditions. However, Roksol STB exhibits thixotropic properties and may become significantly "thickened" after prolonged storage. However, this is a reversible process and a simple mixing of the "thickened" product

Product advantages:

  • can form mixtures with all anionic and non-ionic fatliquors,
  • mixed with cationic lubricants to form multi-charge mixtures,
  • has a freezing point of -15°C,
  • soluble in alcohols, hydrocarbons and tetrachlorethylene,
  • is resistant to oxidation and sunlight,
  • characterized by a high ability to soften the leather of chrome or chrome-combined dressing,
  • shows a good hydrophobing effect and a weak leveling effect.

Applications :

  • tanning.
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