O/W emulsifier - Polysorbate 20 - 9005-64-5 - Rokwinol 20 IBC 1000 kg

O/W emulsifier - Polysorbate 20 - 9005-64-5 - Rokwinol 20 IBC 1000 kg
About product
  • very good emulsifying properties,
  • high content of the active substance in the product (approx. 99%),
  • good solubility in water and methanol,
  • safe for the aquatic environment,
  • biodegradable product.

O/W emulsifier - Polysorbate 20 - 9005-64-5 - Rokwinol 20 has the ability to create O/W emulsions, i.e. oil in water. Thanks to this, it is used in the cosmetics industry as an emulsifier in O/W formulations. It is an effective solubilizer for essential oils and perfumes, thanks to which it is also used in detergents, including air fresheners.

In addition, ROKwinol 20 is a stabilizer for water and water-alcohol formulations. For this reason, it is a component of body and hair washing and care products, such as shampoos, conditioners, balms, shower gels, hair styling and coloring preparations, facial moisturizers, sunscreen creams, anti-wrinkle creams, wet wipes, mouthwashes mouthwash and antiperspirants. The product improves the consistency of washing cosmetics, facilitates their application and rinsing, and gives slip. It also potentially reduces the irritating and drying properties of other cosmetic ingredients.

Solubilizer - Polysorbate 20 - 9005-64-5 - Rokwinol 20 can be used as an emulsifier in flame retardant hydraulic fluids of the type HFA, HFB, HFC and HFD-U. In metalworking, it is used as a component of machining formulations, positively affecting emulsion stability. It shows resistance in hard water and improves the foaming characteristics of formulations used in metalworking processes. In addition, ROKwinol 20 is used in the agrochemical industry. It is used as an emulsifier in pesticide formulations, mainly EC, SL, EW types.

The article is a non-classified substance according to the CLP regulation. It is biodegradable in the natural environment.

Application of the solubilizer - Polysorbate 20 - 9005-64-5 - Rokwinol 20:

  • preparations for washing, care and styling hair,
  • cosmetics for washing and care of body and face,
  • cosmetics for make-up and make-up removal,
  • preparations for coloring and decoloring hair,
  • aftershaves and other alcoholic preparations,
  • sunscreens,
  • perfumes, body mists,
  • liquids and gels for intimate hygiene,
  • mouth protection preparations,
  • anti-acne preparations,
  • air fresheners,
  • nail polishes and nail polish removers,
  • flame retardant hydraulic fluids,
  • oils and cutting fluids,
  • agrochemicals.
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CAS Number
Polysorbate 20
Chemical name
Sorbitan monolaureate, ethoxylated
Chemical raw materials and intermediates
Cosmetic raw materials and detergents