Stabilizer, antioxidant, Rostabil TDP IBC 1100 kg

Stabilizer, antioxidant, Rostabil TDP IBC 1100 kg
About product
Stabilizer, antioxidant, Rostabil TDP IBC 1100 kg - is a specialist additive for plastics that protects polymers during processing processes. Used as a stabilizer, antioxidant in plastics, paints and varnishes.

Product for professional use only.

Product made to order, delivery time 30 days from the date of order confirmation.

Rostabil TDP is a specialist plastic additive used as a process stabilizer. It is in the form of a homogeneous liquid with a characteristic, delicate smell. It prevents degradation of polymeric materials during processing. Provides thermal protection of polymers, eliminating the yellowing effect of finished products. It enhances the color stability of pigmented materials and provides transparency to non-pigmented products. Used as a stabilizer and/or antioxidant in plastics and paints and varnishes. In the plastics and varnish industry as a stabilizer or antioxidant.

Application advantages of the product:
• eliminates the effect of yellowing of plastics during processing,
• enhances the color stability of polymeric materials containing pigments,
• ensures transparency in non-pigmented materials,
• prevents degradation processes during thermal processes,
• works synergistically with amine and phenolic primary stabilizers,
• one of the components of mixed metals in PVC processing,
• has non-staining properties,

• no negative impact on the mechanical properties of the material.

• construction (roof coverings and membranes, window frames, PVC pipes, technical foils),
• textiles and textiles (coated fabrics, artificial leather, projection screens),
• transport (tarpaulins, tarpaulins, conveyor belts),
• automotive (car linings, equipment elements), electronics (cables and wires).

Product name: Rostabil TDP
Chemical name: triisodecyl phosphite
CAS number: 25448-25-3
EC number: 246-998-3
Physical state: Liquid
Color: Colorless
Smell: Characteristic
Density: 0.880 to 0.905 [25°C]
Molecular weight: 503 g/mol

Hazard statements:
H317 - May cause an allergic skin reaction.

Precautionary statements:
P272 Contaminated protective clothing should not be allowed out of the workplace.
P362 Take off contaminated clothing and wash it before reuse.
P280 Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection.
P302+P352 IF ON SKIN: Wash with plenty of soap and water.
P333+P313 - If skin irritation or rash occurs: Get medical advice/attention.
P501 Dispose of contents/container to hazardous or special waste collection point.