BioROKAMINA K30B (Coco-betaine)

BioROKAMINA K30B  (Coco-betaine)
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Introducing BioROKAMINA K30B (Coco-betaine), a natural amphoteric surfactant with exceptional properties for cosmetic formulations. With a content of approximately 30% active substance, this betaine surfactant is derived from a unique raw material called Greenline MCAA 80% UP Solution, sourced from natural acetic acid obtained in plant fermentation. This gives BioROKAMINA K30B a high index of natural origin, making it environmentally friendly and suitable for use in natural cosmetic products.

Composed of palm oil derivatives, this surfactant is widely used in natural, ecological, and vegan formulations. Its mild cleansing properties make it ideal for washing preparations for infants, children, and adults. BioROKAMINA K30B not only enhances the foam produced but also improves the stability of the formulation, even in solutions with high salinity content.

Additionally, this surfactant has excellent hair and skin conditioning properties, while reducing the potential irritating effects of other ingredients. Its antistatic properties prevent static electricity, resulting in soft,

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Chemical name
Alkyl Dimethyl Betaine
Chemical raw materials and intermediates
Cosmetic raw materials and detergents