Active Play AS H 8008 (Polyurethane adhesive)

Active Play AS H 8008  (Polyurethane adhesive)
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Active Play AS H 8008 is a polyether prepolymer adhesive that is used for bonding SBR and EPDM rubber granules. It is a one-component adhesive that is clear and colorless to pale yellow in appearance. The adhesive has a viscosity of 2500-4000 mPas at 25°C and contains 9.0-10.0% NCO groups. Active Play AS H 8008 is specifically designed for the production of cold and hot molded parts made from SBR and EPDM rubber granules, including those obtained from recycled materials such as used car tires. It can also be used for bonding shredded materials like polyurethane foams, EVA, cork, and gravel. The adhesive is applied by moistening the rubber granules and curing under pressurized heat. It has good mechanical properties, high resistance to temperature, and does not contain

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Chemical name
MDI prepolymer based on diphenylmethane diisocyanate
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