BioROKAMINA K30B MB (Coco-betaine)

BioROKAMINA K30B MB  (Coco-betaine)
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Introducing BioROKAMINA K30B MB (Coco-betaine), an amphoteric surfactant of natural origin with approximately 30% active substance. This highest quality, colorless betaine is produced using Greenline MCAA 80% Solution UP, a unique raw material derived from natural acetic acid. With an increased natural origin index, BioROKAMINA K30B MB is an eco-friendlier option, perfect for use in natural, organic, and vegan cosmetic formulations.

Derived from oil palm from certified plantations, the palm oil used in BioROKAMINA K30B MB supports sustainability and respects the rights of local communities. It carries the MB variant of the RSPO certificate, ensuring responsible sourcing. This surfactant is safe for both people and the environment, meeting the biodegradability criteria laid down in Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004.

BioROKAMINA K30B MB exhibits excellent foaming properties, contributing to increased stability in formulations. It also has the ability to smooth and soften hair and skin. Additionally, it reduces the irritant effect of other ingredients, making it suitable for sensitive skin and baby care products. With its exceptional

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Alkyl dimethyl betaine
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