EXOdis PC540a (Ammonium salt solution of acrylic copolymer)

EXOdis PC540a (Ammonium salt solution of acrylic copolymer)
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Introducing EXOdis PC540A, an anionic polymer dispersant suitable for paint products. This hydrophobic dispersant is available as a 25% aqueous solution, offering excellent dispersing properties for titanium white and mineral fillers. With its ability to decrease viscosity, it allows efficient pigment introduction into waterborne decorative paints and anticorrosive paints. The hydrophobic nature of EXOdis PC540A enhances water resistance, making it ideal for facade paints. Compatible with acrylic, styrene-acrylic, vinyl-acrylic dispersions, and widely used rheology modifiers, this

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Chemical name
An aqueous solution of the ammonium salt of an acrylic copolymer
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