POLIkol 2000 FLAKES (PEG-45)

POLIkol 2000 FLAKES (PEG-45)
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POLIkol 2000 Flakes (PEG-45) is a safe and non-toxic white to light yellow wax with a freezing point of 50°C. It is soluble in water and various alcohols, making it ideal for use in cosmetics as a solubilizer, lubricant, and dispersant. It can be used in creams, lipsticks, hair sprays, gels, conditioners, and more, providing moisturizing and softening properties without leaving a greasy film. It is also utilized as a binder and plasticizer in soaps, a fixative in perfumes, and a lubricant in the

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Chemical name
Polyoxyethylene glycol, Macrogol, Polyethylene glycol
Chemical raw materials and intermediates
Cosmetic raw materials and detergents