ROKAfenol D22 (Ethoxylated dodecylphenol)

ROKAfenol D22  (Ethoxylated dodecylphenol)
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ROKAfenol D22 is a versatile non-ionic surfactant used as an emulsifier and dispersant. It has excellent detergency for various fibers and effectively supports industrial fabric washing processes. The product increases the hydrophilicity of treated fibers and is resistant to high temperatures and electrolyte concentrations. ROKAfenol D22 can be used in aggressive conditions such as high-temperature washing and as a lubricant component for the metal industry. It has good solubility in water, stability in acids and alkalis, and can form compatible systems with other auxiliary agents. Additionally, ROKAfenol D22 is suitable for metallurgical processes, wetting agent production, emulsion polymerization, and the production of bitumin

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Chemical name
Dodecylphenol, ethoxylated