ROKAfenol D8 (Ethoxylated dodecylphenol)

ROKAfenol D8 (Ethoxylated dodecylphenol)
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ROKAfenol D8 is a non-ionic surfactant used in various industries such as textile, tanning, construction, and industrial cleaning. It is a clear or opalescent oily liquid with good water solubility. With a coagulation temperature of 11°C, ROKAfenol D8 remains effective even at low temperatures. It is an excellent detergent, wetting agent, emulsifier, and degreaser, making it suitable for applications in paints, varnishes, polyester resins, and paper production. It can be used as a substitute for ethoxylated nonylphenols and has resistance to unfavorable chemical and physical factors. ROKAfenol D8 is also used in metal processing, industrial cleaning in closed circuits, and bituminous emulsions.

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Chemical name
Dodecylphenol, ethoxylated