ROKAfenol PN7K (Phosphoric ester of nonylphenol)

ROKAfenol PN7K  (Phosphoric ester of nonylphenol)
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ROKAfenol PN7K is a specialized anionic additive for industrial applications. This phosphoric ester of nonylphenol is effective as an oil emulsifier, with antistatic, lubricating, and anti-wear properties. It serves as an ingredient in washing and cleaning agents, as well as an emulsifier in aqueous and non-aqueous systems. ROKAfenol PN7K is resistant to high temperature, high concentration of electrolytes, oxidizing and reducing factors, and is stable in acids and alkalis. It finds applications in textiles, tanning, industrial cleaning, metal processing, and as

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Chemical name
Phosphoric esters of nonylphenol ethoxylate