ROKAmina®K30B MB (Coco-betaine)

ROKAmina®K30B MB (Coco-betaine)
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ROKAmina K30B MB (Coco-betaine) is a high purity, practically colorless aqueous solution used as a component in cleansing preparations for the skin and hair. With an active substance content of about 30%, it is particularly suitable for delicate and sensitive skin, including baby care products. ROKAmina K30B MB shows positive synergy with anionic surfactants, enhancing foam volume and stability. It also acts as a hydrotrope, improving the clarity of finished products. The product is stable in high salinity solutions and has anti-static properties, reducing the static charge on hair. ROKAmina K30B MB is biodegradable and has earned the prestigious ECOCERT quality mark, making it safe for the environment and suitable for use

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Chemical name
Betaines, coco alkyldimethyl
Chemical raw materials and intermediates