ROKAnol® LK2 MB (Laureth-2)

ROKAnol® LK2 MB (Laureth-2)
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ROKAnol® LK2 MB is a non-ionic surfactant used for the production of anionic surfactants, particularly lauryl ether sulphates (SLES). It is a transparent or cloudy liquid with a reduced water content of maximum 0.1%. ROKAnol LK2 MB is soluble in water, forming cloudy solutions. It is commonly used in shampoos, shower gels, bath lotions, and other rinsable cosmetics as a washing agent and thickener. It also has the ability to solubilize perfumes and active ingredients. ROKAnol LK2 MB is widely used in various cleaning, washing, and laundering preparations in combination with other surfactants. It is compatible with oxidizing, reducing, and hard

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Alcohols, C12-14 + 2 EO