ROKAnol® IT20 (Isotrideceth-20)

ROKAnol® IT20 (Isotrideceth-20)
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ROKAnol® IT20 is a non-ionic surfactant widely used in emulsion polymerization processes as an emulsifier and dispersion stabilizer. It is compatible with anionic surfactants and phosphate ester emulsifiers, improving the resistance properties of polymer coatings. It also functions as a wetting and dispersing agent for organic pigments, and can be used in cleaning formulations due to its detergent properties. ROKAnol® IT20 is biodegradable and approved for indirect food contact. With high activity in the presence of oxidizing and reducing agents and resistance to acidic and alkaline solutions, it is a versatile product. No classification according to CLP/GHS regulations.

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Alcohols, C13, branched, ethoxylated