ROKAnol®NL12W/80 ROKAnol®NL12W/80 (C9-11 Pareth-12)

ROKAnol®NL12W/80  ROKAnol®NL12W/80  (C9-11 Pareth-12)
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ROKAnol®NL12W/80 is a non-ionic surfactant with excellent detergent and cleaning properties. It has high surface activity and creates stable foams. The product is soluble in water and low aliphatic alcohols, and can be used in oxidizing, reducing, and hard water environments. It is compatible with other non-ionic, anionic, and cationic surfactants. ROKAnol®NL12W/80 is recommended for removing oil stains from woven or knitted fabrics and can be used as an ingredient in cotton bleaching compositions. It is also suitable for cleaning hard surfaces and

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Chemical name
Alcohols, C9-11, ethoxylated