POLIkol 800 - PEG-16 - 25322-68-3 20 kg canister

POLIkol 800 - PEG-16 - 25322-68-3 20 kg canister
About product
  • a product from the group of polyoxyethylene glycols (INCI PEG-16),
  • high efficiency of operation,
  • a wide spectrum of application functions: wetting agent, emollient, solubilizer, humectant, lubricant,
  • hygroscopic and antistatic effect,
  • rheology modifier of active substances,
  • universal product, used in many industries,
  • product manufactured on installations covered by the GMP EFfCI system

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POLIkol 800 is a polyoxyethylene glycol with an average molecular weight of 600. This product is in the form of a highly viscous liquid or in the form of a soft white stripe. The INCI name of this product is PEG-16.

The advantage of POLIkol 800 is a wide spectrum of application properties. The product has excellent moisturizing, lubricating, softening and solubilizing properties. In addition, it has anti-electrostatic and strong hygroscopic properties.

POLIkol 800 is an excellent solubilizer used in cosmetic formulations. In addition, it acts as a water-binding humectant and a rheology modifier of active substances contained in cosmetics.

The anti-electrostatic properties of the product make it also used in the industrial washing and cleaning industry and in metalworking processes. Thanks to excellent hygroscopic properties, POLIkol 800 is used in agrochemical applications, especially in the production of fertilizers.

In addition, POLIkol 800 is a compound dedicated to concrete and cement mortar hardening processes. Its presence affects the reduction of water loss from the mixture, which in turn leads to better bonding of the material. In addition, POLIkol 800, when properly dosed, significantly increases the mechanical strength of hardened concrete. The product can also be used in the production of self-hardening concrete.

Another application of POLIkol is the production of polyurethane foams, where it increases mechanical resistance. Appropriate dosing in PU systems significantly reduces brittleness and affects the resistance of foams to compression.

POLIkol 800 has a positive opinion of international organizations, such as the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which allows the use of polyethylene glycol in the form of an indirect food additive based on the CFR 21 list:

• 175.105
• 175.210
• 176.180
• 176,200

Please note that the product can be used in accordance with the definitions provided by the organization, not exceeding the maximum permitted dose.

The product is not classified as dangerous according to the CLP/GHS Regulation.

Product advantages:

  • effective solvent of active substances,
  • strong hygroscopic properties,
  • very good moisturizing, softening, anti-electrostatic and lubricating properties,
  • approved for indirect contact with food - compliance with the FDA,
  • good solubility in water,
  • product not classified according to the CLP/GHS Regulation,
  • biodegradable product.


  • production of PUR and PIR foams,
  • concretes and cement mortars,
  • self-hardening concretes,
  • metalworking processes,
  • cosmetics production,
  • industrial cleaning and washing,
  • agrochemicals (especially fertilizers)
  • production of food packaging.

Precautionary statements:

  • Wear eye/face protection.
  • Wear protective clothing.
  • Wear protective gloves.