ROKAnol® L5P5 MB (C12-14 Alkohol ethoxyliert, propoxyliert)

ROKAnol® L5P5 MB (C12-14 Alkohol ethoxyliert, propoxyliert)
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ROKAnol® L5P5 MB is a nonionic surfactant made from natural raw materials. It is a clear or slightly turbid liquid with a low freezing point and light color. The product is RSPO certified, ensuring it is sourced responsibly. It has a cloud point in water of 27-31°C, making it suitable for use at room temperature or slightly higher. ROKAnol L5P5 MB is a versatile low-foaming surfactant with excellent wetting and detergency properties, making it ideal for household and professional cleaning applications. It is also used in textile bleaching agents and as a solubilizer in cosmetic formulations. The product

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Chemical name
Alcohols, C12-14, ethoxylated, propoxylated