Roksol SR22

Roksol SR22
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Product Name: Roksol SR22

Roksol SR22 is an oily liquid used as an equalizer in the textile industry. It is designed to enhance the dyeing process for raw materials, wool, and polyamide products. This light to dark brown liquid dissolves effectively in warm water. Roksol SR22 exhibits wetting properties, allowing for better penetration of the dyeing bath into the raw material and ensuring uniform dyeing of damaged fibers. The product's dispersing capabilities prevent the formation of agglomerates and maintain the quality of colors with low foaming capacity. Roksol SR22 does not alter the shades of dyeing or compromise the resistance of dyed textile products against various factors. The product can be used for dye dispersing, repairing unsuccessful dyeing processes, and improving resistance to friction. The usage amount depends on the material type, desired color, and dye composition. Roksol SR22 is ideal for the textile industry, providing efficient leveling properties for dye

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