ROSULfan®C/PH MB (Sodium Coco Sulfate, SCS)

ROSULfan®C/PH MB  (Sodium Coco Sulfate, SCS)
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ROSULfan C/PH MB is an anionic surfactant with excellent detergency, emulsifiability, and foaming properties. It can be used in a variety of applications such as shampoos, liquid soaps, and cleaning detergents. This 100% natural product is completely biodegradable and meets the criteria of the Cosmetics and Detergent Directives. With its wide range of uses and compatibility with other ingredients, ROSULfan C/PH MB is an ideal choice for cosmetic and detergent formulations. It also holds the ECOCERT COSMOS certificate, highlighting its renewable carbon index.

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Sodium Coco Sulfate, SCS
Chemical name
Sulfuric acid, mono-C12-18-alkyl esters, sodium salts. Aqueous solution
Chemical raw materials and intermediates
Cosmetic raw materials and detergents