EXOdis PC417 (Ethoxylated alkylarylphenol phosphorus ester)

EXOdis PC417  (Ethoxylated alkylarylphenol phosphorus ester)
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EXOdis PC417 is a non-ionic surfactant with excellent dispersing and wetting properties, ideal for use in the production of paints and varnishes. It is a viscous liquid with good water solubility and a solidification temperature of approximately -1˚C. The product contains a high concentration of the active substance (approximately 99%) and features anchoring groups that enhance its dispersing and wetting properties. It is recommended for the production of pigment concentrates and offers improved stability and tinctorial strength, as well as compatibility with other paint and varnish components

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Ethoxylated alkylarylphenol polyphosphate, acid
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