Demerara unrefined cane sugar

Demerara unrefined cane sugar
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Cane sugar is one of the most popular sugars in the world. Golden brown natural sugar is obtained in the process of crystallization of the juice found in the stem of the plant. In addition to its sweetening properties, cane sugar is used as a spice in Asian, Indian and Mexican cuisine. Cane sugar is also used in medicine and herbalism due to its antibacterial properties. The sugar offered is unrefined sugar, rich in nutrients such as: iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

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Unrefined Demerara cane sugar is a healthier substitute for common white sugar. The name "Demerara" means that the sugar is in larger crystals than standard sugar. Unlike its substitute, cane sugar contains molasses, which gives it a unique, slightly caramel flavor and aroma. Cane sugar also owes its color to molasses, the color varies from golden to dark brown. Produced from sugar cane, it does not undergo the refining process, thanks to which it contains valuable nutrients such as: iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium. The latter - potassium cane sugar contains from 100 to 1200 ppm, where white sugar only about 30 ppm. In ancient times, cane sugar was used not only in the kitchen. It played an important role in folk medicine and herbal medicine. It was used as an analgesic, antibacterial and expectorant. Unrefined cane sugar is an important feature in Asian cuisine, it is known under the English name jaggery, and in Mexican cuisine under the name piloncillo. The main component of cane sugar is sucrose - approx. 97%. The production of cane sugar as a food product began in India around 3000 BC. In Europe, it was discovered only after the conquest of India by Alexander of Macedon. Then one of the commanders sent information to Europe about the existence of honey-bearing reeds. Cane sugar should not be confused with brown sugar. Sometimes brown sugar is plain white sugar with caramel added. For what purpose? Well, this is a purely marketing ploy, which aims to sell cheaper sugar at the price of cane sugar.

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Benefits of sugar:

  • natural sugar, unrefined,
  • rich in nutrients,
  • irreplaceable in the kitchen as a sweetener for coffee, tea and beverages
  • decorative addition to cakes, cookies, desserts,
  • spice used in the cuisines of the world,
  • healthier than white sugar.

Nutritional values ​​in 100g CANE SUGAR:

  • energy value: 1683kJ/396kcal,
  • protein: 0g,
  • carbohydrates: 99g,
  • fat: 0g,
  • sodium: 30ppm,
  • calcium: 155ppm,
  • phosphorus: 20ppm,
  • magnesium: 60ppm,
  • potassium: 800ppm,
  • iron: 9ppm.
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