Closed-cell insulation and insulation system - Ekoprodur S0540

Closed-cell insulation and insulation system - Ekoprodur S0540
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Ekoprodur S0540 is a specialist product used by specialists to insulate walls and attics of residential buildings and warehouses. Thanks to the innovative technology of pressure spraying, polyurethane tightly and quickly prepares a protective layer of thermal insulation.

Ekoprodur S0540 is a product intended for specialists dealing with thermal insulation systems in housing, public buildings and warehouses. It is used for thermal insulation of external and internal walls and attics. Thanks to this, a building using this technology does not infiltrate heat through the walls. It is a two-component product and has self-extinguishing properties. It is an environmentally friendly agent because it does not contain foaming agents that cause the ozone hole


  • Apparent core density ≥ 50 kg/ m3
  • Fire Rating E
  • Low coefficient of thermal conductivity λ = 0.023 W/m•K
  • Compressive strength σ10 ≥300 kPa
  • Adhesion to the substrate ≥ 400 kPa
  • Short-term water absorption at partial immersion ≤ 0.11% kg/ m2
  • Closed cell content ≥90%
  • Start time 5±1s
  • Gel time 12 ± 2 sec
  • Face dry time 14 ± 2 s

The composition of the 477kg set:

  • Component A POLY= 240kg
  • Component B IZO = 250kg
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