Potassium chloride

Potassium chloride
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Potassium chloride - is a crystalline potassium salt from the chloride group. It is used in the production of fertilizers because it contains potassium, which is a basic and necessary nutrient for plants. Other applications for potassium chloride are in the metallurgical industry, in the production of optical glasses, in the mining industry.

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Potassium chloride – an inorganic chemical compound with similar chemical properties as sodium chloride, but it is more ecological. Mixtures of different salts with potassium chloride can be used for de-icing and removing snow from roads in winter. The main application, however, is the production of solid and liquid (foliar) fertilizers. Crystalline potassium chloride is the main source of potassium for plants. Elemental potassium fertilizes the soil, increasing fertility and improves the quality of crops, because it helps transport water inside the plant, retaining it during periods of drought. It accelerates the process of photosynthesis, which directly affects the increased yield of crops. Plants rich in nutrients such as potassium are less exposed to low temperatures, e.g. frosts and diseases. They better adsorb nitrogen contained in the soil. When people or animals consume potassium-rich plants, their diet is enriched with larger amounts of this element. Crystalline potassium chloride is also used in the broadly understood chemical industry. Used for chemical syntheses or as a laboratory reagent.
Chemical name: Potassium chloride CAS number: 7447-40-7 EC number: 231-211-8 Physical state: Solid Color: White Odour: Odorless pH; 5.5 to 8.5 [Conc. (%w/w): 5%] Bulk density: 1000 kg/m3 Molecular weight: 74.55 g/mol
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