Granular calcium-magnesium fertilizer

Granular calcium-magnesium fertilizer
About product
  • Contains calcium carbonate and magnesium (CaO+MgO - 48.93%)
  • Yield increase by 15-20%
  • The fertilizer deacidifies and regulates the pH of the soil
  • Increased absorption of micronutrients from the soil
  • Granulation contains fractions of 4-6 mm
  • Appropriate granulation prevents leaching of the fertilizer
  • Applicable in all soil conditions
  • Designed to fertilize all crops

Calcium-magnesium fertilizer is widely used in fertilization and deacidification of soils. The fertilizer is suitable for all types of soil. Appropriately selected proportions of carbonate lime and magnesium allow for better assimilation of micronutrients found in the soil. The fertilizer is available in granulated form, thanks to which it is gradually released into the soil. Fertilization with granules enables a long-term effect on plant roots. Enriching the fertilizer formula with calcium and magnesium has a positive effect on the structure and resistance of plants to adverse weather conditions. The ingredients of the fertilizer come entirely from raw materials of natural origin. Calcium-magnesium fertilizer provides an increase in crops by about 15-20%. It is perfect for field crops, orchards and vegetables. It can also be used in horticulture, greenhouse crops, flower crops and other grassland crops.

CaO 39.26%
MgO 9.67%

Recommended fertilization dates


before plowing, under crops before sowing


before plowing, on grassland


on the frozen ground

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