A mixture of sand (70%) and road salt (30%)

A mixture of sand (70%) and road salt (30%)
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A mixture of sand (70%) and road salt (30%) with an anti-caking agent - it is a ready-to-use product designed to combat black ice and slippery conditions on roads, streets, pavements and walking paths. It is used both as an ideal measure to improve driving safety in winter conditions on motorways, through national roads, to residential streets and sidewalks. Packed in 25 kg bags, it is easy to use, does not require additional treatments, just open the bag and you get a ready-to-use product, and the addition of an anti-caking agent ensures that it remains flowable even when stored in unheated rooms or at temperatures below zero.

A mixture of sand (70%) and road salt (30%) with an anti-caking agent is a mixture of fossil sand with a granulation of 0-2 mm and road salt with a granulation of 0-5 mm. The ingredients have certificates allowing them to be used as components of the mixture to combat ice and ice, issued by the Road and Bridge Research Institute and the National Institute of Public Health - National Institute of Hygiene. The mixture of sand and salt is enriched with an anti-caking agent - potassium ferrocyanide - in the amount of 3-125 PPM, which, when properly stored, ensures flowability even at low temperatures. A mixture of sand and salt is a mixture of natural, chemically unprocessed minerals, completely natural with a neutral pH, ecological and not posing a threat to the natural environment and human health.

The mixture of salt and sand is packed in 25 kg plastic bags (LDPE). After use, the bags should be disposed of with waste code 15 01 02 by handing over to a specialized company or together with municipal waste in segregated waste as "plastic". The bags are delivered on a EURO pallet with standard dimensions of 120 x 80 cm. Pallets easily pass through standard doors and can be transported with goods lifts. Bags with a mixture of sand and salt are secured with stretch foil on a pallet.


Store the mixture of salt and sand in dry and airy rooms, do not expose it to flooding or soaking. The product is highly hygroscopic and absorbs water on its own in damp rooms. It is possible to store it outdoors on yards with paved surfaces and protected against precipitation. The product exposed to moisture - including fog, rime, frost or naturally moist atmospheric air - does not lose its anti-slip properties, however, it may clump, and thus difficult to apply.


The mixture of road salt and sand is ready to use. Sprinkle surfaces after prior mechanical removal of loose snow, ice and slush, depending on the forecast air temperature:

  • from 0 to -10 0 C 60-100 g/ m2
  • from -10 0 C 100-150 g/ m2

At temperatures regularly falling below -10 0 C, it is recommended to use calcium chloride or magnesium chloride in parallel due to the reduced effectiveness of sodium chloride as a defroster at such low temperatures.

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