Rokolub 50-B-150 IBC 1000 kg

Rokolub 50-B-150 IBC 1000 kg
About product

Rokolub 50-B-150 IBC 1000 kg is a polyalkylene glycol (polyether polyol) obtained by propoxylation and ethoxylation of the starter. It is used as a synthetic PAG base oil for the formulation of high-end lubricants.

Rokolub 50-B-150 is used in the production of synthetic lubricating oils as a PAG base oil belonging to group V, and also as a finished product. It is also used as a component for the production of metal cutting fluids and process fluids. It is used as a hydraulic fluid, anti-foaming agent and as a plasticizer for rubbers and plastics.

It is also used as:

  • Anti-foaming agents
  • Heat Transfer FluidP
  • Hydraulic fluids, base oil for the formulation of gear oils
  • lubricants
  • Lubricating oil used for gas compressors and industrial gears
  • Lubricants in the food industry

Advantages of using PAG oils:

  • high viscosity index and good temperature stability
  • excellent lubricating properties that do not require the application of enriching additives
  • reduced tendency to form deposits and varnishes compared to mineral oils
  • maintenance of cleanliness: does not leave oil deposits, does not create a varnish layer
  • provides a higher level of thermal conductivity
  • it has a high flash point, low residue and biodegradable condensate
  • lower tendency to form deposits allows to keep lubricated machines and devices clean,

Additional properties:

  • Colorless to pale yellow liquid
  • Molecular weight ~1880 [g/mol]
  • Density - 1.049 g/ml [20°C]
  • Soluble in water and contains antioxidants (excluding BHT)
  • Kinematic viscosity at 40°C in the range of 240-275 cSt
  • ISOVG-150
  • High viscosity index (viscosity index) ~234
  • High flash point, above 240°C
  • The product contains antioxidants without BHT