Emulsifier CAS-68585-34-2 SULFOROKAnol L1230/1 20 kg canister

Emulsifier CAS-68585-34-2 SULFOROKAnol L1230/1 20 kg canister
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SULFOROKAnol L1230/1 is an anionic surface active agent used in the production of polymer dispersions through emulsion polymerization. Its high degree of ethoxylation sets it apart from other emulsifiers, allowing for unique properties. It ensures the right size of particles in the dispersion with a low level of coagulation and provides effective stabilization in the presence of metal ions or organic solvents. The product also improves dispersion stability at low temperatures and enhances the resistance of the polymer coat to water and atmospheric conditions. SULFOROKAnol L1230/1 is compatible with non-ionic surfactants and is biodegradable.

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Chemical name
C12-C14 alcohols, ethoxylated, sulfated, sodium salts
Cosmetic raw materials and detergents